Take Control Of Your Ratings & Reviews

RankPeek tracks your products reviews, ratings and ranking across 500+ online retailers and your product data is consolidated on a single dashboard.

Engage With Customers

Using RankPeek your brand can engage with customers on 500+ online retailers globally and on major App Stores

Analytics & Reporting

Your product ratings and reviews data is converted into actionable insights that makes it super easy to understand customer data

Consumer Happiness Score

RankPeek actively measures a Consumer Happiness Score that gives you an overview of your consumer sentiment across retailers and app stores which helps you to improve ratings

Product Recall Prediction

RankPeek uses machine learning to identify patterns of complaints in critical reviews to identify any potential product recalls

Competitive Analysis

RankPeek uses machine learning to identify patterns identifying why your competitors are doing better on retailers and app stores

Consumer Q/A

Engage with consumers by answering their Q/A, RankPeek supports Amazon Q/A responses including other major retailers in US and globally

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