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Monitor your product reviews, ratings and rank across 30 major online retailers globally.

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Track Your Product Reviews, Ratings and Rank On

and 30+ Other Online Retailers Globally

Our Platform

Track & Manage Reviews, Ratings & Rank

RankPeek tracks your products reviews, ratings and ranking across 30 major online retailers. All of your product data is consolidated on a single dashboard which can be shared across multiple team members within your company.

Actionable Insights Paired With Analytics & Sentiment Analysis

From your RankPeek dashboard you can easily keep track of your product performance across multiple online retailers, RankPeek also provides actionable insights enabling brands to improve their product's ratings and reviews.

From product reviews our platform automatically extracts the sentiments, helping brands to learn which customer review needs their immediate attention.

Interact With Your Product Reviewers

RankPeek offers in-built CRM tools that enables brands to interact with their product reviewers, resolve their queries or thank your consumers for their positive feedback, it's all possible with RankPeek.

RankPeek also provides integrations with SalesForce Service Cloud & Lithium Social Dashboard

How It Works?

Adding New Products

To add a new product on your RankPeek dashboard for monitoring, you just have to add relevant product links from Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart and Newegg. RankPeek will start monitoring the reviews, ratings and rank, within 48 hours data will start appearing on your dashboard.

Analytics & Insights

Once you have added your product links, RankPeek will start importing all product data such as reviews, ratings and rank. RankPeek intelligently converts your product data into insights and analytics.

RankPeek collects this data from 30+ major local and international online retailers.

Create Alerts For Negative Reviews

You can create alerts based on product rank, rating or review.

For example you can create an alert for your product rating on Amazon, if RankPeek sees that your product rating drops below 3-4 stars it will automatically send you and email addresses of your choice an instant notification.

Engage With Reviewers

With RankPeek you can easily respond to product reviewers from your RankPeek dashboard.

APIs & Integration

RankPeek offers product data APIs that can be used to integrate RankPeek data within your CRM or other customer support tools.

We are offering direct integration with Lithium and Salesforce. More direct integrations will be added in the future.

Interested in RankPeek's demo?

RankPeek is currently in private BETA but we would love to set up a demo for you, please send us an email at support@rankpeek.com or fill out the contact form.