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Rewiews & Ratings From 500 Online Retailers Social Channels
& App Stores

If your brand is selling on hundreds of online retailers or app stores or social channels RankPeek is for you, our platform enables you to gather data from all major online retailers and social channels

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    Track Your Products

    Just add your products on RankPeek dashboard and our data collection engines fires up to find every review and ratings for your product from 500 different online retailers and social channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Forums.

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    Gain Intellingence & Competitive Insights

    RankPeek intelligently converts all your product ratings and review data into actionable insights and competitive intelligence. Our sentiment analysis and product recall algorithms turn your data into granular reporting which can be drilled down to find exact cause of product issues.

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    Enagage With Customers

    RankPeek filters and notifies you about product reviews and ratings that needs your customer support agents attention, our platform gives you a chance to interact and respond to reviews brands who use RankPeek see as much as 35% increase in positive ratings.

Platform Features

One Platform 500+ Channels

Whether it's an online retailer like Amazon or a social channel like Facebook we gather ratings and reviews data from over 500 major channels.


Integrations With Online Retailers

RankPeek is integrated with 500+ online retailers globally in more than 150 countries, some of the major online retailers on our platform are Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and NewEgg.


Integrations With Social & App Store Channels

RankPeek is the only industry leading platform that offers integrations with social and pro channels as well, some of the channels we suupport are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and 100+ major online forums as well as app store channels like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows App Store.

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