Platform that delivers buyer happiness

Global Insights

Get buyer insights with simple search across any of your product listings on 1k+ marketplaces, app stores and forums.

Track reviews, ratings, rank, translated emails/texts from Amazon, Walmart, Intercom, Zendesk and many more channels.

Buyer Happiness

It shouldn't matter where buyers make a purchase, our platform helps you deliver happiness anywhere.

With real-time keyword tracking, sentiment analysis and deeper buyer profiles, easily personalize your repsonses.

Set autonomous responses with simple support workflows across all your CRMs under 1-window solution.


Go beyond just knowing what your buyers need, transform your buyers' experience with deep sentiment analysis, tools for your team to collaborate and share insights across your organization.

Easily iterate your strategy by knowing how buyers perceive your brand on Amazon, YouTube and 1k+ feedback channels.

Holistic solutions for digital buyer insights


Tracking holistic insights for your brand and buyers is hard. That's why we developed RankSearch™. We made it simple for you to search your brand, product, buyers' feedback, reviews & ratings and much more, all under 1-window solution.

RankSearch™ makes it easy to track holistic insights on 500M+ products, 1M+ sellers, billions of reviews & ratings, product ranking and more metrics that matter.

Easily track your product reviews & ratings, app ratings, brand sentiment from Amazon with RankSearch's™ simple search solution.



Making buyers happy on all touchpoints shouldn't need a rocket scientist. Meet OnEngage™, one hub connecting all your buyer interactions from 1k+ CRMs, marketplaces and forums like Reddit, YouTube, TrustPilot and more.

OnEngage™ offers simple workflows for support agents, so they can reach out to buyers in a heartbeat. We made it easy for your brands to egage with buyers from all 3rd-party platforms.



DeepSight™ enables you to monitor buyer sentiment across 1k+ marketplaces like Amazon and app stores like iTunes. With easy to setup analytics workflows, DeepSight™ helps you elevate your brand, product and customer support.

With DeepSight™ listen to buyers' needs, perform competitive analysis for your brand or products. Monitor Amazon reviews & ratings? You got it. Track sentiment from Apple or Android app reviews? It's there.

DeepSight also offers built-in integrations with Looker, Tableau and 200+ analytics platforms.


Trusted by Fortune 500 brands

Fitbit Inc.
Razer Inc.
Fitbit Inc.
Razer Inc.

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